The designs have ‘underground’ aesthetics– the youthful Zeit Geist she chose to grow up in. This underground world of music, art, and fashion bursts with attitude, non-conformity, innovative subcultures, and a sense of belonging. Her alter egos, ‘Vampress’ and ‘Princess,’ represent two sides of a coin- darkness and sweetness.

Melbourne Fashion Hub has presented her fashion journey and her ethos of self-expression and sustainability. She is a double annual winner of Fashion Awards Australia and winner of the Geelong food and wine festival.

Self-expression is reflected through Kylah Owo made to order designs, whether it be my iconic colour palettes of pinks and blacks referencing my alter egos ‘Vampress’ and ‘Princess’ or the designs themselves.

It commands attention in whatever room you walk in. Many times, people want garments no one else has. The beauty of made-to-order is I am able to make decisions when it comes to the details and also create custom measurements.

I value unique and ‘out there’ designs and appreciate chaos or ‘controlled chaos’ in my aesthetics paying homage to the underground. I embrace perfect ‘imperfections’ but also hold it to a high standard.

I create original prints and textiles, always on the lookout to incorporate sustainable elements into my work regarding the materials I use. I keep my waste to a minimum by finding innovative ways to recontextualise what is already existing to save it from adding to landfill.

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